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​​​The Productive Leadership team is partnering with Environics and Channel Assist to bring a full-​spectrum approach to Corporate Culture; namely, defining, measuring and managing corporate culture to help clients optimize performance.


We assist clients to engage with all their major internal and external stakeholders to explore and understand their dynamics needs, values and expectations.  This is typically done through a combination of effective individual interviews, group discussions and leveraging the advanced values-based measurement processes and tools of our partners at Environics (see the profile for David Jamieson, Chief Scientific Officer, Environics in our “Who Are We” section). Subsequently, we visit with Executive leaders to leverage this rich data and stakeholder perspective to help craft Core Values and Behaviours which will define the client’s Corporate Culture.  For many of our clients, the Corporate Culture strategy must be aligned to a Global Culture strategy and at the same time, accurately reflect the operational realities of their place of business at a national, regional or divisional level.  We also recognize that the defining of a Corporate Culture is by necessity a dynamic process that needs to evolve at the pace of change within stakeholder groups and the general competitive marketplace.


​As the saying goes it is important to measure what you intend to manage.  Many organizations have seen well-intended Corporate Culture strategies die on the back of their business cards and/or on a long-forgotten wall poster or website declaration.  To ensure the Corporate Culture strategy is embedded in the organization, we work with our partners at Environics to provide our clients with tangible and actionable data on their performance as it relates to the intended Corporate Culture.  We help clients take a regular pulse on both what their employees and other key stakeholders (clients, suppliers etc.) are experiencing and more importantly what they believe to be the appropriate Values and Behaviours which will lead to an optimization of value exchange with our clients.  This is done at the organizational level and at the individual “people” leader level to ensure data can be turned into actionable and progressive value and behaviour shifts.  Environics applies proprietary, customized measurement tools and also leverages category tools from such organizations as the Barrett Values organization (corporate values assessments, individual values assessments, customized values-based 360’s for individual leaders, etc.).


Those organizations that actively and purposefully manage their corporate culture often dominate the lists of “best places to work” and also often lead their categories and markets in terms of financial performance.  To assist our clients, we leverage the data and information gleaned from our partners at Environics to help create Action Plans with our clients to optimize performance.  In particular, we help to identify those “game-changer” roles in the organization which can have the most positive impact on the manifestation of the desired culture and then help the employees in those roles become self-aware in terms of opportunities for positive mindset (values) and behaviour change.  Finally, and most importantly, we deploy our team members (Coaches, Facilitators) to work with Departments/Teams and individual leaders to develop concrete and measurable Development Plans and help them implement those plans leveraging processes and tools from our strategic partnerships with organizations such as Leadership Management International (LMI), Channel Assist and the Leadership Group – see the Profiles for Rick Orr, John Doyle and Pierre Gauthier respectively in our “Who Are We” section.