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​​​​What the performance improvement category doesn’t need is another didactic book on the secrets to improving effectiveness.

Instead of providing the clients with new spins on old ideas and theories, we offer organizations a process to help them understand, assess and develop exceptional performance.​​​​​​
We glean the content from over 10+ years helping an interesting cross-section of global organizations, from “Fortune-500” firms, to not-for-profit community service groups, public service institutions and championship teams.
​We also pull from our collective 35 years in progressive leadership roles (sales, management, strategic leadership, global marketing and operations) in consumer goods, life sciences and professional service firms including important lessons learned from one of the largest and most publicized launches in the history of pharmaceutical industry – Botox Cosmetic.
We have based “Exceptional Planning Process” on the 5 “Essential Elements” with organizations that perform at consistently high levels; namely:
+ ​A Team Charter based on the Stakeholder needs and the “Desired Reputation”
+ A few, select Priorities and SMART Goals for the next fiscal period
+ Alignment and role clarity for each member of the team – team members “have each other’s backs”
+ A positive team culture, especially high levels of “trust”
+ Individual Development Plans authored by team members and a​​pproved by the team leader which reflect:

·        The​ top 3 Strengths of each team member in the pursuit of their Goals
·        Their primary area for development in the pursuit of their Goals
·        The potential return on investment for the organization as the team member elevates performance
·        The motivation of the team member for growth and change​​