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​​​​​​We subscribe to the philosophy that leadership skills are not learned in the classroom, but through self-awareness, a willingness to change/grow and a patient and supportive approach to understanding and applying best-practices tools and approaches.


​As such, we partner with leadership development organizations and experts who help us deliver “application-oriented” leadership development to our clients.

First, we help clients identify which team members are potential “game changers” and are most critical to the achievement of the organizations intentions and goals.  Secondly, we help these potential “game changers” develop their Individual Development Plans for approval by their “sponsors” (normally their boss and/or Human Resource leadership) based on the following 4 points:

a.      The top 3 Strengths of each team member in the pursuit of their Goals
b.     Their primary area for development in the pursuit of their Goals
c.      The potential return on investment for the organization as the team member elevates performance
d.     The motivation of the team member for growth and change

Once the potential “game changers” have been approved for individual leadership development, we help them to select the program/process and resource support team which is the best match to their needs.  We have programs and processes in the 4 levels most commonly identified as elements in leadership development, namely;

1.      Personal effectiveness to help employees at all levels “work smarter”
2.      Personal leadership to help employees develop and begin to implement a fully integrated and personal strategic plan in all areas of life
3.      Coaching for performance for “people” leaders
​4.      Strategic leadership for those in roles of organizational leadership and/or planning
Participants are encouraged to select an internal “Mentor” who can help them through the learning process.  We also provide certified coaching and facilitation support choices and several options for the learning format (1:1, small group, large group).  The key is having participants select both “work” and “personal” goals for pursuit and measurement during the learning process that challenge the participants to “grow” in the areas they have identified as their priority development interests.  The focus is on giving the participants ample time to absorb the ideas and try new approaches and tools for higher levels of success.  There are no exams, only accountability to the client’s expectations for behaviour changes, skill development and better results which are tracked throughout the process.