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Geoff Dawe - Quality​​ Integrators Corporation

Steve Forsey - Jones, Gable & Company

Stephan Ekmekjian - Bausch & Lomb​​​​

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​"On behalf of the team, let me reiterate our appreciation of your genuine engagement in our continuous pursuit of excellence.​
We collectively appreciate your objectivity and your willingness to challenge us to move out of our comfort-zone and to explore the “white-water” of our seas.  I appreciate that you at once acknowledge our considerable strengths while directing us towards sharpening our saws where some rust could be brewing. 
I think that we have set the framework for a good path through F2017 and by focusing on our 7 priorities and the strengthening our coaching abilities, we will continue to “bring it” in the years ahead​"
​Gregg Ellis - President & C.O.O. , ​​SteriMax, April 2016.​

“Rob, just driving home from the Leadership Team dinner. Just thought I’d leave you a quick message that the team was still buzzing about the power of our day together – really excited about the opportunities we see and they all approached me to say how much they enjoyed the day and how grateful they were to have you with us today.  Outstanding, thanks for today; really looking forward to tomorrow” 

Manny Kapur - General Manager, Valeant Aesthetics Canada, Voicemail, Tuesday, April 8th 2014.

“Rob; the leadership team session up at Napa exceeded our expectations and you know my team has high expectations.  I enjoyed the opportunity to focus on my piece and as we noted at lunch, I picked up on some really important nuances and opportunities I may have otherwise missed if you weren’t here.  I know Jack and his Marketing Team had similar feedback.” 

Warner Biddle - Franchise Head (USA) - Lucentis Sales & Marketing at Genentech, November 2013.

“We’ve done it again.  The Digital Canada team has really found its footing now; the planning process has created not only a huge lift in revenue but a strong sense of clarity and cohesion for the whole team.  We are all working much smarter as a result and I’m sure you’ll find the same uptake in Connecticut with our US counterparts – thanks for your navigational support – onward and upward”

Andrew Stephenson - VP Digital, Mosaic Canada, October 2014​.

"I want to thank you for coming over to our strategic thinking meeting and facilitating our session. We did our final team check at the end of the meeting today and the feedback was unanimous and consistently very positive from everyone. They all recognized you did a great job and that we would not have achieved so much without your facilitation, insights & guidance. Your  ability to facilitate, lead and at the same time be part of this team was impressive." 

Jacques​ Dessureault - President and General Manager, Valiant Canada, July 2016.

“Rob, the Sales Leadership meetings really set up a successful year for us, thanks.  Off to a great start”

Jeff Drew - Executive Director of Sales-Vision Care at Alcon Laboratories, Inc., February 2014.


 ​​​The group really felt the day and one half was very good. In particular, several individuals noted that you “upped your​ game” to meet the team where we are now (hey - we can be a tough bunch). I had extremely positive feedback on the role play work we did the second day – almost effusive statements about the utility of the format and “food for thought” regarding how to approach clients. People also made observations to the effect of, “Rob did not really know much about the legal issues, but he delivered better advice than I did or would have done.” Rob, to me, that says that what we did had impact."
Bill Edwards - VP & General Counsel, Merz North America​​, October 2016.


​There's nothing like being around a guy who gets it.

Always enjoy your sessions; Today was another great one. 

See you tomorrow. Thanks Again, Doug"​

Doug Reynolds - National Account Manager, Alcon Canada​, September 2016.